JERU – If I Forget You….

2 Oct

In Tel Aviv the air is hot, humid, heavy with pent-up tears of greedy clouds, chomping their way across the 30 C sky. Tel Avivians are too busy having fun to let the rain fall. In Jerusalem they pray for rain but here people party on rooftops closer to the heavens and fend off the precipitation. The air is tasty, a city-wide watery cake, sprinkled with crunchy zigzags of lightning, which leave the jolting sound of thunder ringing your ears. Which makes it the perfect time to step away from the plate and embrace the fresh buffet of Jersalem…

The result –  a trip to The Yellow Submarine – the go-to spot for floating musical notes wafting around Jerusalem – and a guest spot from our very own export from Tel Aviv (well, actually London to be exact), Jamie. Treating us and a riveted audience to a some of the songs which we’ve been lucky enough to hear on over the past few weeks,  heartwrenchers and future hits included ‘Soul in my Pocket’ – a pocketful of bluesy cheeriness, and a duet with the rocking Hadass.

Back on the bus and the air con is on. Brrr…Cold….I shift in my seat trying to snooze against window pane, or gaze out at the bright bobbles of lights that lead the way out of the city of gold. Dropped off at Azreli, we scramble to get off, and out into the sweaty air. Like they always say, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…Hello again Tel Aviv, it’s good to be back.


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