What’s Cookin’?

2 Nov

So this is just a little post – a nish nush if you will. I was going to make a post the other day called Language Crumble. Rather than getting elbow deep in flour, the thought behind it is – we are all here, in this glorious city where anything goes, a sprinkle of Russian and Ethiopian, a swift sweep past of Sudan, an avalanche of Ivrit…Ma Nishma….Cag e de la. Horosho? Besada. You get the idea. But what’s your story? What’s your problem – Ma ha B’ya shel Cha (of course shel Cha  – the man is always in the wrong (ish…) What ingredient are you stirring, pouring into a bowl and then…losing within the batter? Sometimes it can be so overwhelming – this delicious mixture, that you suddenly wake up, halfway down the mixing bowel and you realise that you’ve been completely stirred in.

It’s delicious, this mixture that’s more of a mirror  – we’re all been here before anyway, or so they tell us – this is the land you’ll return to – why not come a little early. Punctuality has never been my middle name. But somehow I’m here, on the list (of course), making trainer marks and stiletto scratches on the red carpet. No barrier to the VIP zone. Kol Ha Kavod, you made it. Now get back in the kitchen.


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