How Long Is Now?

5 Nov

Today we were launched, suddenly, into the future. No standing on ceremony, just a big slap in the face in the form of a spiel from our Ulpan (Hebrew class) teacher on why we need start learning (um…I thought we already were??) and just get with it. And thus began the lesson on the future tense.

Drifting through it on a boat made of diet coke, I emerged into the Tel Aviv night and promptly forgot most of it, shoved straight back down again in the present, rush rush rushing off to a dance class.

The gist remains though – and it looks suspiciously like the past. Place the letters around the root to create new words – put the correct ones in and it will all look just fine. Make it up if you don’t know, fill in the memory gaps with guesses. The future’s fine and dandy. Repeat the method, this time with confidence and people won’t look at you strangely when you stride forward, knowingly into tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow.

What if you completely mess up, mixing your alephs with your yuds, fucking up all over the place in the present and watching your future, like a film hurtle along with it?  Everyone’s guilty of placing the wrong letters around the root – laying shifty foundations around the future. But you can’t know until you start writing, experimenting, practicing. Then when the future comes, again, like today, you can be well and truly proud to put it in your past.

Art work in East Berlin. First seen some years ago. It’s still Now right now.
(Obviously, Josie me lav, this one’s for you! xxxxxx)


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