The First Few Steps Down The Runway… (Day 1 TLV Fashion Week)

12 Nov

A few quick words from TLV fashion week. Day 1 was the Press Conference at Tel Aviv’s Ha’Tachana – the swankily revamped old train station. Last night a collection of Israeli and international journalists gathered for a few words from the organisers, including Ofir Lev. It wouldn’t be Fashion Week without a drink of course. During London’s version I like to celeb spot outside Somerset House and then have an Expresso Martini in 1 Aldwych (okay, not JUST during fashion week…). The equivalent here turned out to be a few glasses of wine (and possibly some Arak…) in Florentine’s newest bar – Rani’s. Any bar which declares it Happy Hour the moment I walk in the door is a friend of mine, so I’ll definitely be back the for rest of the bottle.

Organiser Ofir Lev:  “Thanks for changing the brand of Israel and the coverage of Israel. We are not just some place in the Middle East with camels and an M16.”


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