Crazy Times in The Bubble

16 Nov

Tel Aviv – otherwise known as The Bubble. People don’t Keep Calm and Carry On here – they’re not calm to begin with – they just Keep Shouting and Carry On Partying. We were talking about ‘The Bubble’ last night, discussing how in Tel Aviv the party continues, we’re all hungover, chilling out outside. Thinking it’ll never happpen – Tel Aviv is untouchable. We go inside. Gin. I steer clear but have some beer instead. Then – an air raid siren. Like something out of the Imperial War Museum. We freeze, life on Pause for one split second before everyone lurches forward, grabs for their phone and makes a slightly unsteady dash towards the door. The bombshelter is in the music school next door. Right and then right. Down we go, followed by various good looking members of the music school – despite the seriousness of the situation , a mental note (C major) is made. We stay in the wierdly modern bombshelter until the sirens stop. Nothing’s hit home although of course it has – a hazy siege has fallen over the city. Nish Nush has temporarily relocated to Jerusalem – being with a group the decision was made to move us from the city, as least for a few days. But Jerusalem feels so calm in comparison. Pale stone walls, shimmering in their goodness – welcoming us. But I miss their graffiti  clad bad cousins back in Tel Aviv already – hanging out in the city.

UPDATE – Siren sounds in Jerusalem, pegged it down to the shelter. Crazy times.


‘Rocket Fire’ by the brilliant Elliott Leigh Tucker


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