Zine Scene Queen

30 Nov

The Central Bus Station – well known in the city for being:

a) the place you’re most likely to get lost in

b) a haven for cheap, tacky and actually quite tempting buys

and c) somewhere to stay away from late at night.

Last night though, the preconceptions and prejudices surrounding the Techana Mercazit (Central Bus Station) were cast aside, as Tel Aviv’s most arty descended on the hub of buses for the 3rd Annual Fanzine Festival. After getting slightly disorientated (okay lost) within the maze of floors, we followed our ears to the strains of electric guitar, and found the treasure – stall after stall of lovingly created independently published magazines, known as zines. In fact, stalls were available to any visiting passerby who had arrived early enough – had Nish Nush been a zine, it may possibly had made for a fine neighbour. Although this blog is nowhere near as raunchy. The scene seems to have a penchant for humour of the naked – and of course in the name of improving my Hebrew I felt bound to take a few examples home with me.

My swag – plus some mango juice – it’s thirsty work!

Zines for sale, read all about it!

And it wasn’t all about the zine – Art exhibit rooms lined the walls – freaky toy animals swayed menacingly on strings, while next door insane images were projected on to a wall. The TLV Derby Girls – Tel Aviv’s own roller derby squad were also in attendance with their own stall, selling their uber-cool new bags and T-Shirts. I’ll be trying out the most rock’n’roll of sports very soon. Balancing skills aren’t my biggest talent, so it should be an interesting occasion. And as if to convince me that I was surely dreaming this all up in my head, a man rode through the crowd in a shopping trolley, shouting out his own political agenda (thanks for the translation Dana)!  A great alternative to Hyde Park’s speaker’s corner, Sainsbury’s should be quaking in their boots and ensuring their trolleys are firmly tied in place.


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