A Few Words on Partying

4 Apr

Why is it that some people want to go out get a little tipsaaay, pouring over the cracked mirror pieces of themselves the next day, comparing reflections in the café over a fry up? Others are content curled up in front of Saturday night television, munching happily on caramel popcorn. The rest of us immerse ourselves in a dreamlike, cinematic world of trails of ripped clothes, glamour turning grim and intertwining its faded sparkle with those who share the same goals – to act out that classic tale of an endless party. We’re so quick to say – “you’re missing out”. You say you like to be in control of yourself – but can’t you see that it would be a different self, indulging in this self-gratifying bender? Wondering off into warehouses unknown, stumbling into you don’t know where, and realising that it’s nowhere, and it doesn’t matter because you’re never going back there. But then you wake up and you’re you again, slightly stunned that you’re in your own bed, in your own house, although admittedly it is rather hard to move. And for the following few days your party outfit seeps itself in through the skin of your everyday bodysuit, transforming the dull greyness with specks of florescent light, neon reminders that there’s only five days, four days, three days to go until you can do it all over again.

Bob Marley Festival at The Barby, Tel Aviv...One Love!!! (With thanks to Elianna!)

Bob Marley Festival at The Barby, Tel Aviv…One Love!!! (With thanks to Elianna  at Time Out Israel!)

NB: Nish Nush TLV is currently residing in London – Tel Aviv has never seemed to far away and yet so close. A £60 flight away in fact, if you catch Easyjet early enough, or get ahead of the budget airline gremlins while their backs are turned…


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