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Flying High – You Know How I Feel

8 Jun

Clearing out my room pre-Aliyah has not been an easy task – one that’s constantly interrupted by joyous exclamation at the discovery of old club night tickets (Eclectricity, Drop Beats Not Bombs and a grunger special one from way back in 2002 – The Lost Weekend).

Please note this link leads...nowhere...

Please note this link leads…nowhere…

I’ve also chanced upon wallet after wallet of photographs – from back in the day when I used to actually get my disposable cameras developed. I have to admit I was late in entering the new world of the digital camera, holding on to the £7 rip-offs for as long as possible, only indulging in a digital one in February – and now there’s no more freeze frames cluttering up drawers, just Facebook, if I scroll back far enough – I can’t decide option which I prefer, although the past couple of days have shown which is easier to tidy up!

But aside from the scraps of rectangular past, it turns out I’m a notebook hoarder too. Little pads of paper filled with outpouring of feelings, before that particular concertina of pages was discarded in favour of one with a shinier cover. The equivalent of someone starting blog after blog, not settling on one in which to make their home – a room of one’s own.

In a small paper notepad, bound with string, I came across this particular wisdom, from a 17 year old me (approx.) There’s no-one like yourself, to give advice to yourself:

“I used to wonder, why don’t birds fly all the time? Why do they bother walking when they can soar? But then I realised that no one can fly high forever – you always come crashing down in the end”

Okay, a little bit dramatic – a little bit 17 year old angst (just emerging from that teenage emo-angst stage) – but there is something in it. They say don’t run before you can walk – but like my 17 year old self I say run as fast as you can, fly as high as you can reach – soar for as long as possible – because at some point you going to have to alight  back down gracefully (or not) on earth. Ten years later (oh my god!!!) I can ask is that such a bad thing though? To appreciate the magic of the everyday, the small beautiful things – whether it’s an old ticket that stirs a thousand memories, or a text from a good friend that raises a smile. There’s plenty of going on down here to keep you amused until next time you’re flying high…