Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

2 Jul

Sitting still, calmly, and in a room on my own, for what seems like the first time in forever. Really its only been five days – but what a five days they have been. I do love to keep myself busy – but this week the level of schlepping has reached epic proportions. Soon it will be time to chill out in the best possible way – eat some sushi, drink some vodka and head out on to the town. But for now I’ve got my feet up in suitcase (makeshift furniture), in my new apartment, nestled just above the Shuk. Yes THE shuk, that crazy snake weaving its way from the beach up to Allenby, courageous in its colours and noise, and pausing only for Shabbat.  You can hear it’s hiss from the spacious flat, although it’s more of a quiet undertone of Mizrachi beats, and the odd shout of “Hamesh Shekel!!!” In typical fashion here, the first time I met our neighbour, she was shouting at me in Hebrew, having had to come and let me in – our always professional landlord had forgotten to tell her not to put the double lock on. My emergency Hebrew kicked in and the heated debate was off to a rollicking start, before lapsing into smiles all round. Chancing on her this morning, ha kol besader (it’s all okay), and she imparted some invaluable advise for the day: “Don’t worry, Be happy!” If there’s anyone’s advice you can trust, it’s old lady sipping a beer in the middle of a market, done up to the nines, and beaming at the world.

"All that glitters is not gold..."

“All that glitters is not gold…”

NB: This was written last week, before I had internet, a bed, a wardrobe etc etc etc



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